Welcome to Web Hosting Pad


Welcome to Web Hosting Pad

March 20th, 2008

webhostingpadWeb Hosting Pad is the newest web hosting company to be added to Web Hosting Promo Codes.

Webhostingpad.com was created in 2005 as a division of Omnis Network and the two companies are sharing the same office space and data centers. Omnis was formed back in 1999 and is a relative large host with more than 200,000 hosting accounts, so Web Hosting Pad have had a solid foundation to built on right from the beginning.

Creating multiple sister companies was a common trend throughout the web hosting industry and certainly not unique to Web Hosting Pad (HostMonster = BlueHost, AN Hosting = midPhase, Dot 5 Hosting = StartLogic, IX Hosting = Host Excellence).

When you know that the two companies are basically the same, you can save $12/year by signing up for the cheapest one of them.

 webhostingpad-screenshot-small omnis-screenshot-small

That’s right. Web Hosting Pad is offering the same hosting plan (1,700 GB of disk space, 17,000 GB of bandwidth, host unlimited domains) for $1 less a month.

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